Experts in

plastic and rubber seals

dès 1993


Experts in

plastic and rubber seals

since 1993


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Indoplast specializes in manufacturing plastic profiles by extrusion, and it has the most appropriate technology and human resources for the development of any kind of technical profiles for the automotive and industrial sectors.

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Our main areas:


Indoplast automoción
Indoplast develops and manufactures all kinds of profiles in the automotive industry on the basis of thermoplastics PP, TPE, TPV and PVC, that can be made by extrusion, coextrusion or triextrusion,. The profiles can be die-cast or extra bending.

All Indoplast profiles can be finished with aluminum, self-adhesive, fiberglass threads, primers or nonwovens.
Indoplast profiles are developed for application in dashboards, glass, plastic pieces, seats and door and window profiles.
Currently, Indoplast is the provider of Tier I in the automotive sector, and is present in the AGR market (profiles for the aftermarket windscreens).
The R + D + I is part of the future strategy of Indoplast which aims to provide greater service to customers.


Indoplast construcción
Indoplast develops and manufactures thermoplastic profiles based on PVC, TPE and TPV for doors or windows in wood and aluminum. The materials used are approved by the CSTB in France and the Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum in Germany. These profiles can be extruded, coextruded or triextruded, and they bring a technical solution to every need of the sector.

The Indoplast profiles can be made as firewall or acoustic seals.

The coextrusion Indoplast profiles have a large number of advantages such as the lack of stretching or shrinking or an easy introduction of the profile in the channel of the leaf, and they are ideal to be automated for the profile placement machine.


Indoplast construction
In the industrial sector, Indoplast develops profiles according to customer specifications, and proposes new products and enhancements to existing profiles.

In this area, our products are applied to motorcycles, trucks or buses, as well as white goods, nautical and renewable energy.